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The IonBoxx is designed to kill airborne and surface bacteria by discharging 10 billion positive and negative ions per second with protection anytime and anywhere.


Proven to kill 99.9% Coronavirus in 10 minutes!*, IonBox can also kill viruses such as H1N1 Avian Influenza, Staphylococcus Aureus, and etc.

Additional benefits include:
– Rapidly eliminating odour at home
– Production of oxygen ions can enhance sleep quality and duration

*Result certified by SHEBA, one of World’s Best Hospitals in 2021.


Tech Specs:

Dimensions:  95mm  x 80mm x 50mm

Weight: 275g

Ion Output: 10 billion/second

Area Coverage: 150 ft ^2 

Power:  1,600 mA (2 AA Lithium Batteries)

Duration: 4 – 5 hours  

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