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Hisense Babysense II Infant Movement Monitor

Babysense V is an infant movement monitor capable of monitoring a baby's slightest movements during sleep, thru the mattress, with out touching the baby. Even the barely perceptible movements such as chest movements are detected and registered.

If the Babysense V does not detect any movement for a period of 20 seconds OR if less then 10 movements per minute are detected, the Babysense V will sound a loud alarm easily heard from a distance. THAT IS THE CUE FOR THE PARENT OR CARE TAKER TO CHECK ON THE SLEEPING BABY. The alarm can only be turned off manually by the parent or caretaker when checking on the baby it will NOT turn off automatically if movement is detected again.

The Babysense V consists of a control unit, which hangs on the side of the bed (can also be mounted on a wall) and sensor pads, which are placed under the baby's mattress. We recommend using one sensor pad for infants up to 3 months while adding the second sensor pad as the baby starts to move around in the crib. Adding the second sensor pad will allow for complete crib coverage.

Product features:

•One button activation.
•Operates on regular AA batteries. (batteries last approximately 6 months)
•Not wireless No interferences from telephones, mobile phones or remote garage door openers.
•Compact, portable & Easy to use.

 Babysense V
So you can sleep while your baby sleeps

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