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Cleanoz Nasal Aspirator Kit

 CLEANOZ® Nasal Aspirator Kit™ &  CLEANOZ® SALINE Preservative Free

Now there’s finally an easier, more convenient and hygienic way to clear baby’s nasal passages

Gone are the days of those awkward, intimidating, difficult to hold and use, unsanitary nasal bulb syringes!

Cleanoz® Nasal Aspirator Kit™ was developed by a Pediatric (Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist) for the special needs of newborns, infants and toddlers. Its innovative, hygienic design and technically-passages. Its ergonomic dolphin design also makes it much easier and more convenient for parents to use. Cleanoz® is the first and only battery-powered babies' nasal aspirator to use disposable reservoir nozzles. The Disposable Tips have been specially designed to eliminate bacteria build-up inside the mechanism to safeguard children from potentially harmful germs.No Cross Contamination!

With standard nasal bulb syringes, germs get trapped and can remain inside the syringe after use, even after they are rinsed. Other battery operated nasal aspirators are not designed to block the secretions from getting inside the unit during the suction process making them difficult to clean and can contaminate the inside device. Unfortunately, neither of these types of child nasal aspirators can be taken apart or fully washed and decontaminated after each use. Cleanoz® is the ideal solution! Simply replace the disposable, flexible silicone reservoir nozzle tips after use: One per day for the same baby;

Cleanoz® Nasal Aspirator Kit™ comes with Batteries and 3 disposable tips included. One Cleanoz® Nasal Aspirator may be used for multiples, Use simply one Tip per baby!
 Fast and effective: The gentle suction quickly and efficiently clears nasal passages in seconds
 Easy to use: Cleanoz® features a dolphin-shaped, ergonomic handle so it’s comfortable to hold. Best of all, the nozzles are disposable making Cleanoz® a sanitary solution.
 Saves Time, since there's no need to clean Cleanoz® after each use.
 Gentle: Cleanoz® is specially designed for use on delicate infants and young children. The flexible silicone nozzle tips are soft and comfortable
 Safe and effective: The Cleanoz® disposable nozzle tips have been tested by the North American Science Association, Inc (NAMSA). In addition, a protective screw secures the battery pack and the dolphin-shaped design features round edges for additional safety.
Cleanoz® Nasal aspirator Kit™ complies with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), FCC, Canadian Health and EC requirements.

CLEANOZ® Saline, Preservative Free

Recommended for New Borns, infants, toddlers and adults , Cleanoz® Single Use Saline Nasal Spray is housed in small, travel-size, single-use, easy-to-use sterile applicators containing 0.169 oz (5 ml) sterile purified water, 0.9% Sodium Chloride, Preservative Free-enough for a single dose and small enough to fit in a pocket or purse for today's on-the-go consumers.

Natural saline drops-help to loosen the crusted and thick mucus up so it is easier to suction out.
Only theall natural saline solution is recommended for babies’ noses. Any type of a nasal decongestant can prove dangerous for a baby.

Cleanoz® Saline solution is convenient, hygienic and cost effective as you use only what you need and keep the remaining containers sterile.
Cleanoz®Single Use Saline Nasal Spray is housed in English/Spanish bilingual packages; each box containing 20 individual applicatiors

UBIMED® is ISO 13485 CERTIFIED an internationally recognized quality standard for the design development, production, and sales of medical devices. To be certified, organizations must demonstrate an ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

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